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Unicorn Sparkle Buggy Bag

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Unicorn Sparkle Buggy Bag 

We have you covered with the perfect BUGGY BAG to celebrate all things Unicorn with your little ones! Inspired by our daughters and nieces, this bag is sure to please the Unicorn-loving bug in your life! Have some on hand for play dates or birthday parties. They are great activities AND favors! 

This bag contains:

1. Unicorn notebook and feather pen - take notes, draw pictures, whatever you choose! Keep it all in your buggy bag so you will never lose!

2.  Coloring Book and Stackable Crayon - A Unicorn-themed coloring book and a rainbow crayon stacked up like magic. It helps keep all of the colors together so they don’t fall on the floor - that would be tragic!

3.  Unicorn craft foam sticker craft - make your own unicorn with a magnet to put on the fridge, 

4. Unicorn stickers to make a unicorn face. Where will you display your work? You pick the place!

5.  A Unicorn fidget that comes in either purple, pink or blue. I love them all - it’s so hard to choose!

6. Paper Unicorn sparkle themed glasses - which one will you get? There are a few different pairs, collect more than one, or with a friend you could share!

7. Unicorn stamps are a big hit I know! Decorate in your new notebook or coloring book and be sure to show! 

Tag us on instagram @buggyboxco - we can’t wait to see how you like these special bags!

Customer Reviews

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Amazing for kids!!!

I got this bag for some children that I work with and it is just magical! It has so many different activities for kids to do and keep them busy! Soooo many cute crafts and everything pink! I recommend for any unicorn loving kid!!!