About Us

We are sisters who grew up on Cape Cod and are now living in and around Boston raising our 5 kids trying to make fun and lasting memories with our families.  We both have a background in events, community outreach, retail and come from a long line of teachers in our family.

We each have our own traditions when it comes to holidays and celebrations but the ones we shared growing up have instilled a passion in us for passing that on to others.

From giant candy canes hanging on our door every Christmas morning - marking that Santa has visited us! - to the green glitter the tooth fairy would dust onto the money we received after each lost tooth - those memories were far more treasured than any gift under the tree or dollar under our pillows.

We love making fun memories for our families whether at home, vacation, the beach or sailing - a favorite pastime of ours.  We create activities and games with our kids no matter the occasion or situation and we hope sharing these bags take the pressure off yourself and let you have fun with your kids, family, nieces/nephews, grandkids, etc.

City-living can pose some challenges in terms of storage (I only need 20 pipe cleaners for a craft, not the 410 that come in the pack from the store!) we try to make our bags small enough to take for a trip, complete in a weekend or spread out over a holiday month.  We strive for easy clean-up, minimal mess and waste and passing along our passion for putting the PARTY back in PLAY . . . 

See you on the playroom dance floor!