Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Buggy Box Co.?

Buggy Box Co. is a sister-owned, curated craft and activity company keeping kids busy and entertained.  Our bags are perfect for a trip, complete in a weekend, vacation, playdate or holiday month.  We strive for easy clean-up, minimal mess while passing along our passion for putting the party back in play.

2.  Can I purchase more than 1 bag?

Yes!  We are currently only selling a set amount of bags per holiday/collection launch so follow along on our Instagram (@buggyboxco) for more details on launch dates.

3.  What age is ideal for a Buggy Box Co. recipient?

We recommend ages 3 and up for our bags.

4.  Why BUGS?

We have always called our own kids our "bugs" for whatever reason since they were born.  "Love Bug" is a favorite and we wanted to share the love and fun we create with our families with all of you!

5.  Can I have a custom bag?

We are always looking for new ideas and potential collaborations.  Please drop us a note on our "BUG Us" page and we look forward to connecting.6..  Can I have a subscription to these bags instead of having to purchase at every launch?

We are working on it!  Stay tuned on our site (www.buggyboxco.com) or our Instagram (@buggyboxco) to be in the loop.

6.  Who are these bags meant for and what occasions?

We change up the bags every month or so - always giving your bugs something to celebrate.  While adding new bags to the rotation is important - we always have our core products available: Outer Space Buggy Bag, Builder Bag, BEE Day Bag, Unicorn Sparkle Buggy Bag, Beach Buggy Bag and Bleacher Bug Buggy Bag. 

We firmly believe you never need an excuse to celebrate but we help you out monthly with ideas just in case!  Here are some examples of times we think these boxes are perfect:

  • The kids are staying at the grandparents house for the weekend but they never know what activities to do with them!  Kids end up bored and grandparents feel like they can't relate.  Send the Buggy Bags to the grandparents ahead of time or have them purchase as gifts!
  • Perfect activity to do with a babysitter or nanny.  Helps build a relationship together right away - a joint mission/activity!
  • Stock up on these bags and keep them in that special hiding place for a rainy day - there is nothing worse than pouring rain and limited ideas of activities to keep your little bugs busy!
  • Order a few for a party and the kids can work in teams to each craft and think about their kindness activities together.  This has been great for kids talking more about their feelings and sharing.
  • Send to your niece or nephew for their birthday or just because!  You can address the bag to them - they love to see it with their name on it.
  • If you are interest in custom bags - let's chat!