As someone who is not very creative, I love opening these bags - all the directions and crafts are enclosed, plus coloring is always a hit in our house!
- @socialdearest
My grandchildren love receiving the Buggy Bags in the mail - so does Mommy, helps to keep them busy! I love sending them as a surprise and a way to stay connected with them.
- Dale H.P. (Grammy of 2 little bugs)
Getting a Buggy Box Co. delivery is such a thrill for our daughter!  She recognizes the packaging immediately and loves opening it on her own and taking stock of everything inside.  No leftover materials that need to be stored.  And we love that they are tied to upcoming holidays - it´s such a fun way to learn about each one and get excited about celebrating!
- Elise C. (Buggy Mama)
Anyone else feel like they can’t escape never ending sickness in their house?! If it weren’t for @buggyboxco, these kids would be permanent fixtures on our couch watching tv 🫠
Buggy Box Co. is a local company owned by two sisters who are making moms’ lives easier one box at a time. Each themed box comes with multiple activities that are fun for the kids to do and easy for mom to clean up — a win, win for all! Check them out, support this local company and rid yourself of some of that
“too much screen time” mom guilt!
My kids absolutely loved their Buggy Bags.  They were so engaged in the crafts.  I will definitely be buying again soon!
- Andrea B. (mama of 3 bugs)