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Beach Buggy Bag

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We have you covered for the perfect BUGGY BAG to take on the go whether it's out to eat, in the car, or for summer travel!


This bag contains:

1.  Coloring Picture Frame - use the crayons inside to color this frame to hold a picture from your favorite beach excursion!

2.  Sea Masks - assorted sea masks, 1 in each bag. Which ocean critter will be yours to pretend your living in an underwater adventure?

3.  Fish Mobile Craft 

4. Lacing Coin Bag - Perfect to have for the ice cream truck, the candy store, or even to hold your treasures from the beach.

5.  Notebook - draw a picture, take notes, play tic-tac-toe, whatever you choose and easy to take on the go  

6  Coloring page with ocean-life and beach favorites with crayons 

Customer Reviews

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Love Buggy Bags!

Our family loves the bags from Buggy Box Co. They’re such a treat for our kids and we enjoy how much they’re focused on creativity and fun. We’ve used them as gifts for things like Valentine’s Day, as well as fun activities for travel and dining out. On top of all that, the founders of BBC are so sweet and wonderful!