What is a BUGGY BOX?

Welcome to Buggy Box Co! Founded in 2022, Buggy Box is your curated activity box for creative kids. Each box contains our 3 key elements to keep your little bugs busy and entertained.

BUSY BEE: a fun activity or craft to promote play as well as sensory and motor skill development

JITTER BUG: a fun or silly way to celebrate a holiday, have a dance party in the kitchen or accessorize an outfit

BEE KIND:  an object or craft to share with others, teaching our bugs the vital social and emotional skills of caring, sharing and loving

We try to make each box special, easy clean-up, minimal waste and inexpensive all while helping you check "plan a fun holiday/seasonal activity" off your "to do" list and make PLAY feel like a PARTY with your family.

As sisters and moms, we don't think you EVER need an excuse to party - but the Buggy Box always gives you one. We look forward to playing with you!


Erin and Meg