Top 5 Halloween Treats for your Boo Bugs - Target Edition

Top 5 Halloween Treats for your Boo Bugs - Target Edition

Are you trying to add a little extra fun for your bugs for Halloween but are not prepared to watch all the DIY tutorials on TikTok to make haunted snacks and lunch notes and elaborate decor?  These are our top, inexpensive Target finds to add a little Halloween fun for your kids to really enjoy this spooky season.

1.  Haunted Hunt: 24 count for $3.00

These pumpkin ¨eggs¨ provide the perfect way to have a game in the yard with friends.  We also love to use these as a snack holder in their lunch boxes.  Fill with Halloween tricks or treats and ready, steady, GO!  

Also, these adorable yard stakes are also a great addition to add the hunt - and only $3.00 for 6 signs.

product image 3 of 4 slides     24ct Orange Printed Scavenger Hunt Halloween Fillable Eggs - Hyde & EEK! Boutique™
2.  Are you ready to PURRRR-ty? 8 count for $3.00

These fun, cat headbands are the perfect addition to a costume or just add a fun touch to a Halloween party for kids.  These were a big hit for our kids party last year!8ct Cat Ear Headbands Halloween Party Favors - Hyde & EEK! Boutique™

3.  EYE´ve got my eyes on you!

I got these last year and already purchased them again for this Halloween.  Pumpkin or cat eyes are so fun and were a big hit for boys and girls at the park.  The pumpkin glasses may have even made an appearance on Thanksgiving for dinner with the family last year too.

6ct Cat/Pumpkin Shapes Novelty Eyewear Halloween Party Favors - Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ 

4.  Window Clings: $5.00 (SPOOKY) and $2.00 (TRICK or TREAT)

These keep my kids busy and usually when friends come over they all like to have fun rearranging them on the windows or doors.  You can´t go wrong with these - especially since they are absolutely no mess and easy clean-up (we trash it when they have been used enough and start to lose their stick) after too much play.

product image 1 of 4 slides
Trick or Treat Gel Halloween Window Clings - Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ 
5.  POPpin´ Bubbles
These are always a hit and the Halloween-theme toppers make it exciting when they are opening them up to blow away some spooky bubbles.  These are a ¨go-to¨ bubble for us - we love these and even use them inside.  When the bubbles pop, they don´t get too big and wet - they dry very quickly and are easy for the littlest bugs to make work.  
 8ct Bubbles Halloween Party Favors - Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ 

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