TOP 6 GIFTS for Dad for Father's Day

TOP 6 GIFTS for Dad for Father's Day

OK - it's that time of year again and you know you can't buy him another polo shirt, tie or coffee mug.  Let's get something that he will ACTUALLY use - and maybe one or two things that you could benefit from too.  haha.

We crowd sourced our Buggy Buddies and came up with a few of the items below and added our faves as well.  Let us know if you purchase any and tag us on Instagram!

1.  Goldbelly -

Remember those amazing bagels from that famous place in NYC where you waited in line for 2 hours??  Well now you can order from your favorite, hot spots from far and wide and have their most famous dishes delivered straight to your door!  Be sure to impress your hubby with his fave treats he didn't know he could enjoy without the travel and hassel.

Did someone say, "Not Fried Chicken" Ice Cream Bucket?!  Now THAT is something I have to see to believe.

2.  Solo Stove -

For those nights when you want a toasty marshmallow with the kids or maybe post-kids bedtime a date night by the fire with wine and no need to hire a babysitter - this is the perfect gift for you . . . oh and dad, I mean the perfect gift for dad. 

3.  Saturdays are for the Dads -

For the Dad that wants to feel like he's "still got it" but you don't want him thinking Saturdays are still "for the boys" - this is a gift you can't sleep on.



4.  Jeni's Subscription -

I got this for my husband for Christmas and it is something we have all enjoyed over the months to see what new flavors show up for us to enjoy for a movie and ice cream together cuddled on the couch.

My personal favorite was the "sorbet frose" flavor after a hot day - felt like a special treat.

5.  Unique Photo Gifts

A.  Storyworth -

My sister and I got this for both of our parents for Christmas and it is amazing.  When our grandmother passed away, there were so much more I wish Iremembered about her life.  This is an easy way for your parents or husband to answer a question a week, upload photos, etc. to tell stories from their life you may never have known.  At the end of the year, a book is created - a copy for you and them, if you like, to treasure and share with family forever.

B.  Golf Accessories - or

If he's going to hit the links, he may as well be staring at the kids cute or silly faces all day.  From club heads to golf balls or tees with funny sayings, you can find the perfect gift while supporting his favorite hobby.

C.   Your Own Reel Viewer -

Create your own reel viewer of your favorite photos of dad and the kids for them to enjoy together in a new and unique way.  This is such a cute idea and a fun childhood reminder for dad.  Your kids will get a kick out of helping you choose the photos to add too!

6.  DIY Brunch

In my house, it's my husband that cooks so I like to mix it up sometimes with something easy - that I know (**hope) can't mess up.  I highly recommend a DIY brunch with all the favorites - like a huge charcuterie board but with waffles and fruits and nutella and all the goods (maybe even some lucky charms trickled over the top for the kids). 

I love the mini waffle makers from Target or Williams-Sonoma made by a company called, Dash.  Check them out and you will fall in love with how fun you can make every holiday from here on out!

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