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Tooth Fairy Tips

Our oldest just lost her 1st tooth and thankfully I felt like it was coming a few weeks ago and got some items on-hand to be sure I was ready when the big day finally came.  Here are our top tips on how to be prepared when the Tooth Fairy needs to make an appearance.  The excitement was too cute to contain!

1.  A pillow or door hanger for your tooth

We used a tooth pillow from Tadpole in Boston.  They had really cute options and Hadley is really into outer space so I snagged an astronaut and planet-themed pillow.  It had an adorable little pocket in the front for her to place her tooth in and hang on her bedroom door handle before heading to bed.

2.  A note from the Tooth Fairy herself!

There are so many options on Etsy but you can certainly make your own. I designed a little letter in a poem for Hads to read when she woke up.  It included how special it was to lose her first tooth, the importance of keeping up with her dental care and well wishes until the next visit. 

I also found a “Tooth Fairy Receipt” that I used to help her track her teeth she lost.  It is a cute receipt with the wind conditions for the fairy’s flight as well as a checklist of tooth condition and whether it was a top or bottom tooth.  She really loved reading her sweet notes in the morning.

3.  The Cash Money

We used a $5 bill and used Mondo Lomo glitter glue from Target in green to wipe all over both sides of the bill.  My “Tooth Fairy” always left green glitter in my tooth pillow and it felt like pure magic. I love being able to reproduce this same effect.

4.  A Buggy Bag, of course!

The cute note from the Tooth Fairy also mentioned to check beneath her own pillow for a sweet treat.  Hadley found her very own Buggy Bag with a new toothbrush, dental floss, coloring pages and a mouth-shaped toy along with some smiley stickers.  The amazement of how the magic of the Tooth Fairy didn’t wake her up really made her so excited.

We hope this helps you for when the big day comes and you get to help make the magic!

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