Puppy Party Ideas for Kids

Puppy Paw-ty and a 101 Dalmatian Throwback

Puppy Paw-ty: A 101 Dalmatian Adventure!

Hey there, little party animals! Want the details on this paws-itively awesome Puppy themed party? Get your tails wagging because it's time to fetch some fun ideas for your special day! 

Tenley’s 5th birthday and my 5th birthday had a lot in common. Both were puppy themed! Mine was specific to 101 Dalmatians, and my home did it all herself and it was all homemade. When Tenley wanted a puppy party, I had some great memories to pull from and some great resources to help make it easy!

1. Spot-tacular Decorations: Transform your party space into a Puppy wonderland! Hang puppy banners, paw print balloons, and a puppy playhouse to decorate and play inside! We loved working with ellieandpiperco! They gave us some great ideas for decorations and put together this inspiration picture for us to work with and it was super easy to shop these items from their store online.

We had puppy balloons that looked like you were walking them on a leash! One for each guest to “adopt” and take home! The puppy balloons came from amazon!

2. Puppy Chow Filled Dog Bowls: Fill your party table with tasty treats fit for a pack of puppies! Serve up bowls of "puppy chow" (chocolate cereal mixed with powdered sugar), puppy cupcakes and a dog bone candle to light on top and make a wish!

How cute are these cups for the puppy chow?! Obsessed.


3. Tail-Wagging Games: At my childhood party we played "Pin the Tail on the Dalmatian". My Mom made it herself! 

4. Paw-some Crafts: Let your creative juices flow with some paw-some crafts! Set up a station where kids can make and decorate their own dog houses for their stuffies. We made custom Buggy Bags for the guests to take home with all of Tenley’s favorites: lots of coloring, puppy stamps, a notebook, sticker sheets and a puppy mask! 

Remember, the most important thing is to have a barking good time with your friends and family. Woof woof, let's paw-ty!

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