MAMA MONDAY - Michele Mady

MAMA MONDAY - Michele Mady


Michele Mady - Founder, Parenting Survival Expert

Today we are so excited to feature Michelle Mady - @theparentingsurvivalexpert

She is a mom of 5 - Darius 16, Aedan 15, Kaelan 14, Aiyana 9, and Addie 6. She wears many hats and still has so much energy! She is the Program Manager and Lead Teacher at The Good Shepherd School, she teaches Infant and Toddler classes for Early Ed teachers, she works closely with Boston Naps where she runs workshops, and she writes blogs for Boston Moms and Bicycle Pie. In addition to all of that, she also owns her own business, The Parenting Survival Expert! As The Parenting Survival Expert, she offers support and parenting tips.

Whew! 😅

Meg met Michelle when her oldest son, Tripp, started at The Good Shepherd School in Charlestown. “Miss Michelle” and her co-teacher/partner in crime “Miss Theo” are wonderful teachers and made Tripp’s first year of school (and later Meg’s daughter, Tenley’s first year of school) so wonderful! We all loved her and learned so much from her and “Miss Theo”. We have connected with her as a trusted resource many times with parenting questions ranging from potty training, to tantrums, and behavioral challenges, and everything in between. Michelle is amazing at all that she does and I’m so grateful to her for helping build such a strong foundation for Tripp and Tenley. If you have a preschool-aged child in/near Charlestown, consider The Good Shepherd School! 

Thank you for all you do, Michelle, and for being one of our bigger supporters of @buggyboxco since day 1!

Q.  Favorite Mom Hack

A.  Spray bottles. Energy is getting high? Run out of activities? Hand them a spray bottle and a few rags and let them at outside toys, the kitchen table- or even the walls.

Q.  Favorite Song to Play with Kids in Car Right Now

A.  Kids Place Live on Sirius XM is always on in the car! Jack Foreman and DJ Willy Wow are our favs!

Q.  Favorite Self Care Option

A.  Morning coffee before anyone else wakes up.

Q.  Something You Wish You Knew Before Having Kids

A.  Ask for specific help. And don’t sweat the small stuff (and that most of it is small stuff.)

Q.  Something That Took A While To Learn After Kids

A.  I can’t control it all- it’s not meant to be controlled. And car seat installation- why is something so simple also so difficult?

Q.  Something you are looking forward to now?

A.  The transition from my children becoming their own people. And getting to know those people in a new way.

Q.  Finish this sentence: "Parenting is . . . "

A.  "a work in progress and changes so much over time. It’s an evolving relationship that is hard, and wonderful, and stressful, and amazing, and the best job I have."

Q.  Something you will do for yourself TODAY?

A.  Verbalize something I did today that was awesome

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