MAMA MONDAY - Kate Dineen

MAMA MONDAY - Kate Dineen


Kate Dineen - Executive Vice President - Better City and Reproductive Justice Advocate

Where to even begin … today we are lucky enough to feature Kate Dineen (@kpdineen) strong, fun and hilarious mom in Boston, fiercely advocating for reproductive justice.

Last summer, Kate learned that her deeply wanted son, Teddy, had suffered a catastrophic stroke in utero and she’d be forced to travel from Boston to Bethesda, Maryland, to obtain compassionate abortion care. She’s now sharing her story to shine a light on the barriers to abortion access that exist right here in Massachusetts.

They say you can’t pick your neighbors but you can pick your friends and I’m so lucky Kate is not only my neighbor but friend and role model for us, our friends and our kids.

She is the person you meet and instantly feel welcomed, seen and understood. We have shared many laughs (and cocktails 🍸 ) over parenting while our kids throw all the balls out of the ball pit and I always leave those conversations feeling so lucky she moved next door.

Here’s to never moving, Kate. You’re stuck with us! Follow Kate and educate yourself more on these important topics - please visit

Q.  Mom Hack

A.  Does teaching my toddler to say, "trucks on you tube" into the remote count as a mom hack?

Q. Favorite Song to Play in the Car with Kids Right Now

A.  Anything by Twenty Trucks.  Those beats slap, as the kids say!

Q.  Favorite Self Care Option

A.  Acupuncture

Q.  Something You Wish You Knew Before Having Kids

A.  Nothing!  If I knew how hard it would be, I may not have done it!

Q.  Something that Took a While to Learn After Kids

A.  That my heart now lives outside of my body - and that's OK!

Q.  Something you Look Forward to Now

A.  Beach time with construction vehicles and cocktails, of course!

Q.  Finish this sentence - "Parenting is . . . "

A.  "a choice . . . every woman has the right to choose if, when and how to build her family."

Q.  Something you will do for yourself TODAY.

A.  I'll continue to share my own story about being forced to travel for abortion care - and then I'll take a bath because that shit is exhausting.

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