MAMA MONDAY - Ciera Dixon

MAMA MONDAY - Ciera Dixon


Ciera Dixon, Dean of Scholars, MINA Charter School

We are so proud to feature Ciera Dixon (@ccdixon 😊) for today’s Mama Monday! Meg knows Ciera from attending Queens University of Charlotte together. Ciera played basketball at Queens and I remember she so kindly brought me to try out at a practice where I quickly realized they were at a very different skill level than me ;) She was so kind to me and made me feel like I could have fit in.

She lives with her husband and 2 daughters in North Carolina. She has a very close relationship with her mom and grandmother that she shares with her girls. She is the Dean of Scholars at MINA Charter School of Lee County where she is unapologetically making a difference in the lives of children!

She loves making memories, trying new foods, (especially Mexican), and is always down for a road trip! She is always sipping iced coffee, and is always wearing a big smile on her face.

We are excited to have reconnected with Ciera and to follow her journey making an impact in her community!

Q.  Favorite Mom Hack

A.  Charcuterie boards for dinner!

Q.  Favorite Song to Play with Kids in Car Right Now

A.  We are currently blasting, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno!”

Q.  Favorite Self Care Option

A.  60 minute massage and/or a Peloton ride with Tunde or Kendall.

Q.  Something You Wish You Knew Before Having Kids

A.  How life changing the nose frida is as a parent. Gross - but life changing.

 Q.  Something That Took A While To Learn After Kids

A.  Everyone‘s style of mothering is different - and that’s awesome!

Q.  Something you are looking forward to now?

A.  Finishing the school year strong.

Q.  Finish this sentence: "Parenting is . . . "

A.  a marathon - not a sprint that you never fully feel like you have fully enough for.

Q.  Something you will do for yourself TODAY?

A.  Put my phone on “do not disturb” and not feel guilty about it.

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