Spring is in the air, and daffodils are popping up everywhere!

If you are in the New England area - you know this means DAFFY FEST on Nantucket is right around the corner!

This iconic flower is not only beautiful but can also inspire some wonderful crafts for toddlers. Daffodil crafts are a great way to introduce young children to the wonders of nature and stimulate their creativity. In this blog, we’ll explore some easy and fun daffodil crafts that are perfect for toddlers.

  1. Handprint Daffodils This simple craft only requires some paint and paper. To make it, have your toddler dip their hand in yellow paint and press it onto a piece of paper. Then, use green paint to add a stem and leaves. You can also add some texture to the flower center using a Q-tip or cotton ball dipped in orange paint.

  2. Paper Plate Daffodils: Cut out the center of a paper plate and paint the outer rim yellow. Then, cut out some petal shapes from construction paper and glue them onto the rim. Add a green stem and leaves, and you have a beautiful daffodil!

  3. Daffodil Headband: This craft requires some basic materials such as a paper headband, yellow and green construction paper, and glue. Cut out several daffodil shapes from the yellow paper and some stems and leaves from the green paper. Glue the flowers, stems, and leaves onto the headband to create a beautiful daffodil headpiece.

  4. Egg Carton Daffodils: This craft is a great way to upcycle an egg carton. Cut out individual cups from the carton and paint them yellow. Cut out some petal shapes from construction paper and glue them onto the cups. Add a green pipe cleaner for the stem and some green paper leaves, and you have a lovely daffodil!

  5. Daffodil Finger Painting This craft is perfect for young toddlers who love to get their hands dirty! Give your toddler some yellow and green paint and a piece of paper. Show them how to dip their fingers in the paint and create daffodil shapes by stamping their fingers onto the paper. Add some stems and leaves using green paint, and you have a beautiful finger-painted daffodil creation!

Daffodil crafts are a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring and teach young children about nature - but especially celebrate DAFFY FEST in style on Nantucket! 

These easy and fun crafts are perfect for toddlers and will inspire their creativity while developing their fine motor skills. So, grab some materials, get crafting, and enjoy the beauty of daffodils with your little ones!  HAPPY DAFFY FEST!

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