Caught a Bug Box BEFORE You Catch a Bug

Caught a Bug Box BEFORE You Catch a Bug

We have you covered and prepared to tackle the winter months sicknesses traveling around school.  Here are our TOP 4 reasons you need a CAUGHT A BUG Box from Buggy Box Co.

1.  When a parent is home sick from work or just out of commission with the latest virus

  • instead of sending soup, or a dinner - send this for the parent to give their kids and in turn, they get a break and their bugs have some fun with minimal mess

2.  When your little bug is unexpectedly home sick from school

  • when they get tired of their shows and their fever is finally down but they are unable to go back to school yet, this will keep them busy and entertained

3.  A family friend has one little bug after the other coming down with the flu

  • drop off one of these boxes to ensure that their bugs are beating the latest bug while also beating boredom

4.  You are sending the little ones back to school after the long holiday break and want to be fully prepared

  • In Boston, they suggested a mask for heading back to school after the holiday break which we all know is in hopes to fend off the inevitable germs.  Be prepared with a Buggy Box - just in case.


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