Boston Marathon Craft Ideas with Kids!

Boston Marathon Craft Ideas with Kids!


Here are a few Boston Marathon-related craft ideas that you can do at home with kids today:

  1. Race bib collage: Collect some old race bibs from previous Boston Marathons or races you may have done yourself.  Cut out the bibs or print out copies of race bibs from the internet and help your child glue them onto a poster board or a piece of cardboard to make a colorful collage.

  2. Marathon medal display: Print out or draw a picture of the Boston Marathon medal and help your child color it in. Then, attach the medal to a ribbon or piece of string and hang it up on a wall or bulletin board.

  3. Shoe painting: Have your child paint a picture of a running shoe on a canvas or piece of paper. Encourage them to be creative and add their own personal touches to the shoe, such as laces or a race bib.

  4. Cheering Signage: Cut out a large piece of paper or cardboard and help your child decorate it with markers, paint, or stickers. Write positive messages for all the runners in the race and head to the race for viewing, cheering and so much love!

5. Runner puppets: Use paper bags or popsicle sticks to make puppets of Boston Marathon runners. Help your child decorate the puppets with markers, stickers, or paint. Then, put on a puppet show to reenact the excitement of the marathon.  Be sure to include the start line and finish line - and don’t forget the water stops!

6. Become a Marathoner: Dress the part with an old race bib or a print out and wear the marathon colors while watching the race on TV. Make a finish line with string or paper to run through - and don’t forget to celebrate!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. You can also incorporate other Boston Marathon-related themes, such as the city of Boston, the infamous marathon colors of blue and yellow or the famous "Heartbreak Hill" - include couch cushions or an outdoor slide. Have fun and be creative!

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