7 Tips for Visiting the Museum of Science with Kids

7 Tips for Visiting the Museum of Science with Kids

It is pretty hard to believe that we have a 2 year old and a 1 year old and haven't been to the Museum of Science with them.  It was a rainy day and my mother-in-law was visiting so I felt like we could tackle the quick drive, parking and experience together.


Here are my 6 TOP TIPS for visiting the MOS.


Taking the T or driving are both very accessible.  The parking garage was easy to pull in, find a space and plenty of reminders to pay your parking ticket inside before you leave at the end of your visit - so be sure to bring it in with you and not leave it in your son's car seat like me.



I HIGHLY recommend purchasing your tickets in advance.  It was so easy to come in and just get your confirmation email scanned on your phone.  It wasn't very busy when we got there but there were two schools there on field trips - imagine timing your entry behind those two groups if they didn't pre-purchase as well.  Yipes.



Check out the MOS website before attending so you know a few key places your child/children will be interested to see and visit.  Here is a quick look at our top picks:

1.  Catch a show - we saw an adorable one about being underwater (15 minutes long) It was a 4D show - so glasses were involved as well as slight mist of some water, bubbles filling the ceiling - giving the illusion of being underwater, and more.  It was so cute and fun.

                     Hads and I with our cool shades ready to enjoy the show in 4D!                    

2.  Arctic Adventure - can't say enough about this space.  They were able to fly drones over the arctic, see what it's like to drill through ice, feel a real ice wall and leave the hand print behind and so much more.

       Hadley walking through the Arctic exhibit.  Nana and Nicky exploring the Artic exhibit at the MOS.  Hadley drilling through arctic ice at the Museum of Science "Arctic" exhibit.

4.  The "Inside Out" Exhibit - We love to watch this movie to help us learn how to talk about our feelings.  This interactive space was amazing to experience and share conversations about feelings and what that looks like for different people.

        Inside Out exhibit at the Museum of Science, Boston.   Inside Out exhibit at the Museum of Science, Boston.


5.  FOOD

I would recommend to either plan to eat there or bring something.  We ended up eating there but it was busy.  Spots were hard to come by but we did find a few seats right at the window overlooking the Charles River.  So much to chat about as we ate lunch before hitting the road for nap time at home.

                                    Charles River, Boston, overcast, Museum, Museum of Science, two ducks, water


A stroller.  I don't know what I was thinking.  It's a lot of walking!  There are escalators and elevators but Nicky is just a little too small to be walking all around.

Hand sanitizer - there are a lot of stations at the museum but always good to have your own.  It's a lot of touching and pushing buttons.

A plan for the MOS store - there are so many great goodies and it was nice to be able to get a special treat to commemorate our fun day together - thanks, Nana!


So now that we have this experience under our belt, we can't wait to check out these areas next time so be sure to add them to your list:

The Butterfly and Insect Room

The Dinosaur Room

The Electricity Show and Room

The Stars and Space Room

Let us know if any of these tips help and you enjoy your trip to the Museum of Science.  It is also a pick-up and drop-off spot for the Boston Duckboat Tours so be sure to give those a chance too!  It's definitely on our list for warmer weather.



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