5 KEY Items for a Smooth Transition Back To School

5 KEY Items for a Smooth Transition Back To School

We know it's almost here - and for some of you, your kids are already heading out for the day on that big yellow bus.  It's BACK TO SCHOOL!

For my daughter, it's her first year in school - so don't worry about me . . I mean her.  I'll be fine.  I mean - she.  SHE will be fine.  For Meg, she is sending two back to school and together we selected our top picks to make the transition back smoother for you.

        1.  BUGGY BOX

        Because - DUH.  Whether you get this box before school starts or a month in, it has adorable activities for kids to use this school year - a bookmark, buggy pencil case, crayon name tag necklace and more! We can’t wait for you to see!



This new school dress is a "MUST" for me - I know a picture of Hadley in this dress will look so perfect in her Buggy Box "Back to School" frame we will make together in this month’s Buggy Box. Maddie and Connor always has the cutest outfits to make any special holiday or occasion look picture perfect. Meg’s daughter, Tenley, has worn a few of the dresses for family pictures, including last year’s holiday card!






State has been a staple for Meg’s kids and now for Hadley heading to school.  From lunch to carrying all the necessities to and from school - these are perfect.  Not to mention, they offer several sizes and show a size guide online so you can find the right size backpack for your bugs.





Totally not a "must have" for school but once we saw this at Janie and Jack, we knew it would really just perfect that "first day" look.  We know.  We know.  We are extra.  We own it.  This super cute bag is part of the Disney Snow White Collection at Janie and Jack this fall. They are already sold out online so check your local Janie and Jack stores!




Not that we need an excuse to buy another Chappy Wrap but this bug blanket was just calling our name.  And on those chilly fall nights, we know we will love curling up with our own little bugs and hearing all about their busy days at school.  This is their ¨mini¨ version and it is only $55.  Not to mention, we love women-owned businesses, especially when they are local, and this mother-daughter duo company is a home run.

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