5 Crafts to Celebrate EARTH DAY!

5 Crafts to Celebrate EARTH DAY!

There are many fun and engaging craft ideas that you can do with toddlers to celebrate Earth Day! Here are a few ideas we love to do with our little bugs:

  1. Create a nature collage: Take a walk outside and collect natural items such as leaves, flowers, and sticks. Then use glue to create a nature collage on a piece of paper or cardboard.

  2. Make seed bombs: Mix together clay, compost, and wildflower seeds to create small balls. Allow them to dry and then throw them into a garden or a nearby field to help spread wildflowers.

  3. Paint with recycled materials: Use recycled materials such as toilet paper rolls or plastic bottles to create stamps or paint brushes. Then use these materials to create a painting that celebrates nature.

  4. Create a bird feeder: Use a paper plate or a recycled container to create a bird feeder. Spread peanut butter on the plate or container and then sprinkle birdseed on top. Hang it outside and watch as birds come to visit!

  5. Build a terrarium: Fill a glass jar with soil, rocks, and plants to create a mini garden. You can decorate the jar with stickers or markers to make it extra special.

Remember to always supervise young children during these activities and to choose materials that are safe and age-appropriate. Happy Earth Day!

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