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Back to School Buggy Bag

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As much as we don’t want summer to end, we are excited to start getting ready for “Back to School” with the cutest “Back to School Buggy Bag!”

We are so excited for this Buggy Bag! We love to see pictures, handwriting and drawing samples at the beginning of the year and at the end to see how much our bugs have grown! Help your bugs get ready to head back to school and get excited for a great year ahead.

Your “Back to School Buggy Box” Includes:

  • Custom Buggy Box Notepad 
    • Practice your handwriting, draw sketches, write down your new friend’s names and more in your pocket-sized notepad
  • Use the Buggy Bag as your Pencil Case
    • Keep track of your new back-to-school pencils, markers and erasers in your Buggy Box Co. pencil case
  • Keychains (2)
    • Use the crayon set to color a dinosaur keychain to hang on your backpack
    • A fidget keychain to start your year with a “POP”
  • Back-to-School Name Necklace
    • Put together your necklace, wear it to school and help new friends and your teachers learn your name
  • Apple Erasers (2)
    • One for you and one to share with a friend.
  • Coloring Sheets (3)
    • 1st Day of School Coloring Page - Who is your new teacher? How old are you? What’s your favorite book? And more!
    • Lunch box notes - 1 for you and 1 for a friend of family member to let them know you’re thinking of them 
  • Picture Frame Magnet Craft Kit
    • Put together a picture frame for your first day of school photo! Have a great school year!! 


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